Coronavirus (Covid19) Victims Explain First Symptoms

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In a deviation from what this site usually reports on, “SQL Server” I’ve decided to create a post about Coronavirus.  Doing a bunch of research to figure out the first symptoms people exhibit, I’ve recorded some of the research here.  Sources are included below as well.  I’ll continue to update the list as I find more.
Coronavirus First Symptoms:

>>What did your first signs feel like? Did you cough first and get fever later?

“First signs were being supppper achy and having a fever, cough came probably a couple days in but the chest pain/hard time breathing was there from the jump”

>> What was your temperature in the beginning?
102-103 the first time I got it checked

[deleted by user]
by inAMA


>> I keep getting messages about symptoms, so here’s a day by day.

Friday 6 day 1 : contact with the person for 45 mins in a small non ventilated room, along with my husband and son.

Mon 9 D4 : chills, low fever for me and toddler, feeling strange and an itchy throat some cough

Tues 10 D5 : diarrhea, strong throat ache and headaches. Low fever, Dry cough. This is a day we got the email Saying we were in contact

Wed 11 D6: dry cough, headaches, weight in my chest- like pressure. I’m pretty exhausted. No fever but I thought I was a lot better.

Thurs 12 D7 : bouts of dry cough, just like being so tired I can’t catch my breath. No pain but my chest feels tight.

Fri 13 D8: I coughed up a ‘spray’ of red blood, got freaked out. No phone lines to answer but I got through to a doctor who’s a friend and they said it looked like my throat was irritated. I was told to take my leftover meds from when I had bronchitis. Still hard to breathe, but the meds make it manageable. Headaches

Sat 14 D9 headache, not much cough, still tight chest… but a lot better

[deleted by user]
by inAMA


When did I realise I maybe have covid-19? Short of breath

>>Whats the normal symptoms? (for you)

“Started with a cold like symptom minus the runny nose, short of breath and then I developed a cough.”

Yesterday I tested positive for Covid 19 . AMA
byu/fukDiarmo inAMA


>> Is it okay if you can list your symptoms? I’m just curious

“First 3 to 5 days: Fever Headache Caughing Weakness cardiovascula proplems

Day 5-13 Same as before Stomach pain Fainting when standing up Pain in the lungs but no breathing proplems

Day 13- 18 Headache Caughing Stomach Pain Really low fever

I think thats it”

I had the Corona Virus and spent 18 days in quarantine. I’ve now beaten it. AMA
byu/zwante- inAMA

Day 1: No symptoms, just anxiety if I got enough stuff. Later that night I ventured into cvs to pick up wat was left of cough medicine and painkillers. Thank god I did.

Day 2: Felt tired… slept a lot. Managed to maybe walk outside for some air. It was hard to take deep breaths as I usually do when I go for walks. Took some painkillers that night.

Day 3: Shit hits fan, as I realize this is no ordinary weekend hibernation. I felt my body drifting in and out of sleep. I knew it was coronavirus cuz I haven’t gotten sick in years.

Day 4: No other symptoms other than weakness and body giving out (can’t even stand in warm shower for more than 5 mins). General feeling of malaise overall. After the shower I went to doctor, they refused to test me cuz I didn’t exhibit enough symptoms. Went home hoping to just wait it out, but things didn’t get better.

Day 5: Walked into hospital telling nurses white lie that ppl at my work had coronavirus and I strongly believe I caught it from them. They took it seriously and wheeled me in for testing.. test came back and I was positive.

I have coronavirus… young and healthy, AMA
by inAMA


The actress said the first day she exhibited symptoms began with a “sore throat, fatigue and headache,” which progressed to a “mild fever” of 100.3 on day two. Her fever was accompanied by “horrible body aches, shortness of breath, major fatigue” and “no appetite” as well as a “deep, dry cough.”


Game of thrones star:

I only have mild symptoms of a cold.

>>What were some of your symptoms?

“It was like a headache, brain fog, feeling like dizzy and weird. Sore throat, cough. I was really cold. No matter how hot it was anywhere I was really cold. My nose was going between stuffy and runny.”


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