Coronavirus (COVID19) Asymptomatic Carriers – The bad and a possible resolution?

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While Italy continues to be brutally hit by this unrelenting disease, they have stepped up their efforts in testing in a the northern city of Vò .  They are taking on the task of testing everyone in a desperate effort to stop the virus and what they are finding is bad news and a possible resolution that escapes our current expectation. The article states: By some reports, between a half and three-quarters of carriers in Vò, were asymptomatic. So what does this mean?  While I am by no means an Epidemiologist, it most likely means the virus is way more contagious that we think it is, and that many more people “have it” that previously believed, however these people exhibit no symptoms whatsoever, marking them as “asymptomatic carriers”.  How long the virus stays in an asymptomatic carrier is anyone’s guess, but I would venture to say no more than the 21 days as reported being the largest outlier. We can correlate these asymptomatic findings with another article written by Israeli nobel laureate Michael Levitt.  The most convincing he cites is that of the Diamond princess.  He equates the diamond princess where he states: The Diamond Princess cruise ship represented the worst-case scenario in terms of disease spread, as the close confines of the ship offered optimal conditions for the virus to be passed among those aboard. The population density aboard the ship was the equivalent of trying to cram the whole Israeli population into an area 30 kilometers square. In addition, the ship had a central air conditioning […]

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Coronavirus (Covid19) Victims Explain First Symptoms

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In a deviation from what this site usually reports on, “SQL Server” I’ve decided to create a post about Coronavirus.  Doing a bunch of research to figure out the first symptoms people exhibit, I’ve recorded some of the research here.  Sources are included below as well.  I’ll continue to update the list as I find more. Coronavirus First Symptoms: >>What did your first signs feel like? Did you cough first and get fever later? “First signs were being supppper achy and having a fever, cough came probably a couple days in but the chest pain/hard time breathing was there from the jump” >> What was your temperature in the beginning? 102-103 the first time I got it checked [deleted by user] by inAMA SECOND PERSON: >> I keep getting messages about symptoms, so here’s a day by day. Friday 6 day 1 : contact with the person for 45 mins in a small non ventilated room, along with my husband and son. Mon 9 D4 : chills, low fever for me and toddler, feeling strange and an itchy throat some cough Tues 10 D5 : diarrhea, strong throat ache and headaches. Low fever, Dry cough. This is a day we got the email Saying we were in contact Wed 11 D6: dry cough, headaches, weight in my chest- like pressure. I’m pretty exhausted. No fever but I thought I was a lot better. Thurs 12 D7 : bouts of dry cough, just like being so tired I can’t catch my […]

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