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Working in Administration or Development, we find ourselves performing the same tasks over and over. Often we do not recognize the time each of these menial tasks take and how much time out of our day they waste. Luckily, there are external tools we can rely on to make our lives easier.

SSMS Tools Pack

This is my favorite.  Or should I say our development teams’ favorite. Best of all, it is free.   After using some of the tools this plugin has to offer, there is no going back.

  1. Window Color Coding – Have you ever executed code on a server you shouldn’t have?  (Of course you have).  This plugin will put an end to that.  Out of the box, it will add a distinct colored border at the top of your Query Windows that will be different for each server you are on.  I use to mistaken servers (Dev, Prod, QA) not anymore.  This alone is worth the price of the plugin.. (Oh wait, it’s free).
  2. Format SQL – Yes, this is self explanatory.  Are you a lowercase coder, or uppercase coder?  (UPPER CASE RULES!).  Anyway, however you want your keywords to appear, this will help with the stroke of two quick keys.
  3. SQL Snippets – Store snippets of SQL and insert them into the query window with one quick keypress.

To download SSMS Tools Pack, click here

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