Find User Connection Count

— Show users with highest connections SELECT login_name, session_count, last_batch_time FROM(     SELECT login_name ,COUNT(session_id) AS session_count, MAX(last_request_end_time) AS last_batch_time     FROM sys.dm_exec_sessions     GROUP BY login_name ) t ORDER BY session_count DESC In SQL Server 2008 you can also find out how many connections have been created to SQL Server since the last time it got restarted: SELECT @@Connections

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Finding the total virtual, shared and AWE memory used

This query shows: Amount of memory allocated to the buffer pool Amount of memory consumed by BPool Amount of memory used by AWE SELECT     SUM(single_pages_kb         + virtual_memory_committed_kb         + shared_memory_committed_kb         + awe_allocated_kb) AS [Used BY BPool WITH AWE, Kb] FROM     sys.dm_os_memory_clerks WHERE     TYPE = ‘MEMORYCLERK_SQLBUFFERPOOL’

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