Overcoming RSI, Carpal Tunnel, or Any Other chronic illness

If I were to read this post about 4 weeks ago, I would have completely dismissed it. The truth is, I’ve become even more keenly aware of how powerful the mind is in controlling the body. I’m writing this specifically for people that suffer from RSI or Carpal tunnel, however what I’m about to write helps with any chronic illness, as it has helped me. I’m going to jump to it. Many if not most chronic illnesses are caused by our own minds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the pain is not real. Absolutely it is real. However the fear to use an “ailing” part of your body is the very issue that is causing the pain. It is psychosomatic and/or psychogenic. How do I know this? Two ways. I would have mild RSI that would occur when I would work somewhere over 45 hours a week. When this would occur, I would start worrying, “Oh crap, here it comes again”. Once I did that, the merry-go-round would start. Once it began, I would soak my hands in hot water, or give my hands deep tissue massages. It would temporarily stop the pain.  So, being tired of it, I did a search for solutions.  Luckily, I stumbled onto another person who suffered from RSI who no longer does.  That’s where I first learned about John Sarno’s book. John Sarno is a doctor that specializes in a chronic illness he calls TMS or  Tension Myositis Syndrome.  (Yes I know […]

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