SQL Server Indexing Video Training

Do you want to get up to speed fast? This video training is designed to do just that. Learn everything there is to know about indexing in your environment. After this training you will understand from a complete perspective how indexing works and what you need to do to identify the missing indexes and apply them in your system.

You will also learn how to create indexes that are tailored to your newly written queries, and how to identify existing indexes to use.

Did you know that adding missing indexes is in most cases the biggest win you can apply to your system? Often times just adding missing indexes will dramatically increase throughput.

We will go over subjects

clustered vs nonclustered

bookmark lookups


include statement

how to idenfity if an index is needed

how to identify missing indexes

how to apply an index to your newly written queries

poor indexes that cause deadlocks

..and much more

Only $49

Only $49

You’ll also get the scripts I use to identify missing indexes AND indexes that are not used anymore

I’m confident after this you will know all the concepts there is to know about indexing.

For the price below, the video will be yours to download and keep.

If you’re not satisfied, I’ll give you a full refund.

Only $49

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